2023 Trends in Bathroom Design: Creating a Sanctuary at Home

Lusso Design and Build, a trusted San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Contractor, is here to offer you the most sought-after bathroom trends for 2023. This year, expect to see an combination of traditional and modern, from floating vanities to textured tiles, and yes—neutral colors and arches are making their own style statements. Here’s a comprehensive look:

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities have ascended to a new level of popularity for several reasons. Beyond their sleek appearance, they offer excellent storage options with cabinets and drawers that are easy to access. They also open up the floor area, making the room appear larger than it actually is. We, as a leading San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Contractor, recommend floating vanities for both small bathrooms in need of visual space and larger ones looking for a modern twist.

Bathroom remodel san diego floating vanity

Textured Tiles

The era of plain, monochrome tiles is fading away as textured tiles rise in prominence. Different patterns and tactile surfaces not only add visual interest but also serve a functional purpose: these textures are often slip-resistant. From geometric to organic forms, textured tiles are becoming an artistic expression within the bathroom.


The bathroom is increasingly viewed as a place of wellness—a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge. The inclusion of greenery, from ferns that thrive in humidity to low-maintenance succulents, adds a natural touch while improving air quality. Plants in ceramic or terracotta pots can become focal points of the room or even serve as natural dividers between areas in larger bathrooms.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are becoming the go-to palette for modern bathrooms. These tones provide a serene backdrop, allowing other design elements to shine. Light neutrals can brighten up a room, making it appear larger, while darker tones can add an element of sophistication. Neutrals are also incredibly adaptable; you can easily change the look of your bathroom by swapping out towels, decor, or fixtures, all without undergoing a major remodel.


The beauty of arches lies in their versatility. Whether you’re going for a Moorish aesthetic with intricate tilework or a modern look with clean lines, an arched doorway or mirror adds a layer of architectural interest. Arches can be incorporated into various elements—mirrors, doorways, and even shower enclosures—to create a visually cohesive look.

Smart Storage

In our fast-paced lives, organization is more crucial than ever. Think about pull-out drawers with compartments for your cosmetics or vertical storage units that make use of the room’s height. These solutions not only keep your bathroom neat but also make everyday routines more efficient.

Tech-Forward Amenities

While not a new trend, the inclusion of tech amenities like heated flooring, LED mirrors with built-in Bluetooth speakers, and smart showers is on the rise. These features contribute to making your bathroom a hub of personal well-being.

Bathroom design in 2023 is poised at an exciting intersection of tradition and innovation. From the practical advantages of floating vanities and smart storage to the aesthetic delights of textured tiles, neutral palettes, and elegant arches, the possibilities are endless. As a reputable San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Contractor, Lusso Design and Build stands ready to guide you through each of these trends, ensuring that your bathroom isn’t just renovated—it’s transformed. Reach out to us to discuss how these trends can be tailored to fit your unique space and lifestyle.

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